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Cheap, Cheap Phrags!

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Jun 10, 2006
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Hi Guys, This was psted on another forum:

I received an email from Whipporwill Orchids that they are continuing to reduce inventory. This is not currently on their webstite. Little phraglings can be purchased for . . . yes this is true . . . $6.25 a piece. You have to buy a dozen THEIR CHOICE. What I got was . . . . oh my . . . . are you read for this . . . Chuck Aker and Windy Hill masterpieces !!!!! The website is out of date - guess you'll have to email Whipporill and find out if you still can get the phrickin phraglings a new home - a whole new twist to the DVD "Cheaper by the Dozen" !!!!

Wish I could participate!

I got a bunch of little guys from Whipporwill, then I got a deal on eBay. If I put another plant in my house the floors might just collapse. Argh!

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