Central Pennsylvania Orchid Symposium - Paph Lectures! (Oncidium Lovers Welcome too!)

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Jun 6, 2006
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On August 12, 2007 the Central Pennsylvania Orchid Symposium presents a day of lectures at the West Hanover Recreation Center, Harrisburg, PA.
The presentations will include:

Mario Ferrusi of Marsh Hollow Orchids on cool growing Odontoglossum alliance plants

A Hybridizers Forum on the Oncidium alliance with AOS judge and hybridizer John Dunkleberger and Mario Ferrusi

Hadley Cash of Marriot Orchids presenting a newly commissioned talk on Brachypetalun and Parvisepalm crosses with
complex Paphiopedilum parents

Gordon Slaymaker AOS judge giving his classic standard Paphiopedilum lecture

Registration is $30.00 per person which includes breakfast and a buffet lunch, vendor sales and AOS judging.

Checks should be made out to the Central PA Orchid Symposium and mailed with a copy of this email, including the names of any attendees, to
316 North Walnut Street, Dallastown, PA 17313