Car ride = bud blast? Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

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Noah Arthur

Aug 29, 2019
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Hey everyone! I know car rides aren't a phrag's favorite thing in the world, and I'm concerned about bud/bloom blast on a long trip... My magnificent Fritz Schomburg has a huge bud that started to open up last night. It's going to be the first phrag I've ever bloomed myself; I'm so excited! BUT, I was planning to leave on a month-long trip to Ventura (7 hours' drive from Oakland) tomorrow, taking the plant with me. Would a 7-hour car trip, with all the changes in temperature and humidity that might entail, be likely to cause the bud to drop before it fully opens? If so, I can easily postpone the trip by a few days.

See attached photo of the bud, showing what stage it's at.

Thanks friends!


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