can orchid flowers sport?

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sporting, as in the same plant suddenly produceing flowers of a completely different color - different beyond mere environmentally or culturally caused differences.

What prompted this question is this post. I don't have the answer to the question he asked me..... Seems like the temp could not cause such a drastic difference, but perhaps it can. I don't know how coeruela hybrids might be affected - maybe the blue is more sensitive to *something* :confused:
Yes, any plant can produce "sports". But it won't be just the flower that is different it would be the entire stem. If the sport is true then the new growth from the rhizome may also be the new variety. If this is the case the next growth past the sported stem will be the same.

But environmental factors can and do alter flower color so seeing what the next growth produces will answer the question.

Wait and anticipate!

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