Bulbophylum Elizabeth Ann Bucleberry FCC/AOS

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Jul 8, 2013
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I won this plant in the May 2015. Charles Ufford donated it to the auction. There are announcements posted on this forum regarding the May 2017 auctions. Funds raised will go towards maintaining this forum. A worthy cause!

It has grown very well for me. It has been growing in an eastern facing window, under LED supplemental lights. Watered weekly throughout the year, misted daily with weak dosage of fertilizer. A fan runs on a timer moving air 24x7 intermmittently. Overnight temperatures going no lower that 68F.

The flower bud appeared about a month ago and within a month these flowers (today) fully opened. I was hoping it would slow down so I can enter it in our Central Indiana Orchid Show but that isn't until April 21. I don't think these flowers will last that long.

The plant:

The flowers:

Close up of the odiferous flowers. Not a strong scent and not the scent of rotting meat, more like astringent bleach?
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;) very nice flowers. It originally came from clark who told me tbe flowers could reach 13"

Thank you cnycharles for correcting my spelling! Ironic it took almost two years to bloom! I finally figured out how to grow it and it rewarded me with these blooms.

Was this a division of your plant?
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Yes, clark had originally given me a large piece which grew a lot, so I put a few pieces into the auction. It wasn't as happy in my different apartments as it was on his back deck, full sun and lots of fertilizer
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