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Ok, this is just a theoretical question, as this species is not yet available, at least not here in the US. But if it was, what primary crosses would you first make with this species (as it is so different compared to any other Paph. Species). You can list your Top 5 candidates. My choices for primary hybrids would be:

1. x rothschildianum
2. x micranthum
3. x godefroyae var leuchochilum
4. x hangianum
5. x moquetteanum

No particular order:

Gladuliferum/wilhelminae - Figure this will help preserve color, give you multifloral qualities, stay small, and contribute to ease of growth.
Delenatii - You gotta make at least one parvi cross, and this will sure to give you ease of growth/flowering (or the best chance of it). Likely to also lead to colorful blooms, possible fragrance, and also help preserve the small stature.
Liemianum - You have to also have at least one cochlo hybrid, and for me, it's between this and primulinum. I'll go with liemianum with the presumption that it'll preserve the color a bit better, and that the light mottling on the leaves will compliment that of rungsuriyanum.
Sukhakulii - I'd love to see what suk might do with the petals (shape and color) as well as how the lip coloration will interact.
Malipoense - This would be a let's just see what happens cross. I'd pick a mali with lots of petal tessellation, and let nature take its course.
first alternate: delenatii

When choosing individual plants: emphasis on compact potential, easy to grow, choices from 5 different sections/subgenera.
This could be fun whenever this little gem finds its way to the hybridising bench.

For me it is all about making a tiny plant with a huge flower. So hybridizing it with:
helenae, niveum, thaianum, canhii, micranthum and armeniacum are the most exciting.

However some of the novelty hybrids would be interesting too.

I am curious to see how long these micro species take to go from seed to flower. There seems to be a pretty large range with helenae depending on who you talk to and what the conditions are.

What are the thoughts of the hive mind (sorry for this hijak)

What are the interesting features of Paph. rungsuriyanum you would like to pass on in hybrids?
IMO the flower is quite disproportioned: short stem, too big flower, too big pouch, too short petals. The best are the coloration of the petals and the short leaves.
So I would first cross it with a well balanced flower like P. niveum and then with a member of the section Paphiopedilum like villosum. But to see its breeding potential it would be necessary to cross it with well proven members of other sections too like delenatii (Parvis) and sukhakulii (Barbata).
Just to stick with trends I'd use it on hangianum, Lady Isabel and anitum.
Everything nowadays seems to be bred with those plants...
Just to stick with trends I'd use it on hangianum, Lady Isabel and anitum.
Everything nowadays seems to be bred with those plants...

I agree, but it has proven that those are good parents, and whatever you cross onto them usually turns out good.


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