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Got three Paph. victoria-mariae seedlings from Botanica Ltd today. They were packed very wisely considering the below-freezing weather here in Chicago (Go Bears!) with bubble wrap insulation and a 60 hour heat pack. The plants themselves are gorgeous seedlings. Kept me informed as to order status- good service all 'round! Got a bonus coupon for a future purchase too. Would certainly recommend them!

About HiTech Garden Supply, got a 1000 watt MH system from them. They have an eBay store and their own url. Nothing fancy. Remote ballast is nice- saves me using the stud finder to dangle the whole deal from the humidity-moistened ceiling. Best thing is that it was $195 DELIVERED ($150 + $5 s&h for the 44 lb box). They forgot the 'free' timer, but are working to remedy that. Haven't installed it yet. Will update as I get some hours on it. Very nice customer service, very quick shipping, plain brown box so the neighbors don't get suspicious (until they see the 1000 watts blaring out the second story windows).


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