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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
My first full life cycle paph blooming!!

I pollinated the parents in 12/2003, sent the seed to TM 10/2004, got the seedlings out of flask 11/2005, and the bud's a week or so away from fully open.

So far it looks like it has all of its parts and its got extra red pigment from the pollen parent, so I'm expecting a pink cast over much of the dorsal sepal. Notice the red stem and ovary, the pod parent has no pigment to these parts, and the pigment at the base of the leaves is sparse.

Been out of town allot, and will probably be out again when the bloom fully opens, so I couldn't wait. I'll update the next time I'm in town.

Rick, how many plants does he send you back from the flasking? I would guess not all that germinated right.
Congrats Rick!!!!

I also use Meyers Conservatory for my flasking. He is very good & prices are really good (for hybrids). I have received, 1 hybrid about 25 seedlings about 6 weeks ago, & 1/2 of another hybrid,2 flasks worth around 50+ seedlings about 2 weeks ago. He sent me e-mails last week that 3 more have germinated. I also have 2 more that are in the process of beign reflasked, & several that are awaiting germination.

Congrats, Rick!

I am hoping to be in the same position next season with some Cyp's.


You probably did your own flasking too Ron, so you will have been involved with every phase of the process. That will be very impressive.:clap:

BTW how are those sukhakulii doing?
Troy Meyers at Meyers Conservatory. Free flasking for species seed.
Please help me sort something out, this man does free flasking of straight species orchids for a cut of what germinates and survives? Would this mean that if I wanted to harvest some seeds from a few natural stands of orchids (from my own properties) to send to him that he would flask them and forward them to conservationists and field biologists of my choice who need the plant material for restoration projects and in exchange for this invaluable service, he keeps a percentage of the seedlings?

If my understanding is correct, I know a handful of people who may be very interested in this arrangement, myself included.

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