Angraecum distichum

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This is the second blooming for me with 8 total blooms so far.
Heather, not sure what references you've consulted, but Hillerman (Mr. Angraecum) has this one listed as W-I, so I've never let mine get very doesn't seem to need any special treatment to bloom and does so on and off year-round.
It might do alright for you if the rest of its preferences are met, namely great water, flushing and lots of air movement. Brenda would know better than I whether it's worth the gamble for you. She might also know where you can find an Angraecum rutenbergianum--that's one that for sure likes it cool. I resisted the urge to buy one and kill it when I had the chance; no clue if Malala Orchids has a new U.S. contact since Bert Pressman's passing, though I'd like to know.