Amorphophallus titanum Fully Open!!

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Last Friday afternoon the Amorphophallus titanum at Orchids Limited finally started to crack open. By midnight it was fully open and according to Jerry was very "potent". Below are pictures of the corpse flower in the morning of June 15th. By the afternoon it was already starting to fold in. The final height was close to 6ft (200 cm) and 40 inches (100 cm) across.

Impressive size! Love the color and texture. Thanks.
No, it is in the Arum family (Araceae), so related to Jack-in-the-pulpit, Calla Lilly or Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily). It gets pollinated by carrion flies, hence the way it smells!
And this thread should probably move to "Tell Me About it" section rather than being in the "Non-Slipper Orchid Pictures"

Missouri Botanical Garden (which I miss horribly) flowered two of these last summer and I got to watch them progress in person. Your photos will have to do for this year. :)
Could you tell us the short-version about the "how to" with these insane flowers, Rob?

Just the most important aspects would be great. I know these guys start out a little tuber, right? And then.... It's lots of time.....and hieps of food during active growth???? What does it take, to grow these aliens?
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great job done

would be interesting to cross it with a cold hardy one to use the pollen on a jack in the or to a european kind of it