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Jun 9, 2006
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Here are a few of my blooming Phrags:

Waunakee Sunset

Barbara LeAnn


Phrag Lutz Rolke (flavum)

Thanks for looking!
Very nice!

Who's that Barbara LeAnn from?

I've been keeping an eye on Waunakee Sunsets - everyone (including Chuck Acker) say it is so variable and you know what? It is! I try to keep photos of all of them to compare. Yours is interesting, and different from the other few photos I have. I know one of my other pics is from Russell.
I finally have one, I got it as a replacement for something that bloomed out incorrectly. It is a small seedling though so will be a while before I can compare my own to all of yours!
nice yellow phrag! that color only seems to come through in a select few grexes.
love the Lutz Roulke,the Barbera Lee Ann is nice also. It may be darker next year when it gets bigger. The cool weather helps the colour also. i have a few that are different also. They all seam to be different, The best I have seen is from Chuck Aucker
Nice Plants.

One thing wrong with all of them! I spotted it right off!
They are not in my greenhouse :)