Aeridovanda (Neo. falcata x Aer. odorata)

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Jun 9, 2006
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Oak Island NC
I am a big fan of the neo-vandaceous crosses, as they are compact, easy to grow, and really put on a show. The only real issue I have with them is that many look just like "tinted neos" with small, narrow flower segments.

I just got in a new hybrid, this time with Aerides odorata as the pollen parent, and the result is quite remarkable. The plants are about 6" tall in 4" pots, and the 1" flowers are very flat. I detect a faint, but lovely scent, as well, but at 8 am in a shaded kitchen window, I don't know if it might be stronger with more light.

Aeridovanda (Neo falcata x Aer odorata) plant.png

Aeridovanda (Neo falcata x Aer odorata).png
I like what the aerides odorata did to this flower. I wonder what would happen if V. coerulea was crossed onto this . . . . or the A."Blue Spur" divisions you sold on your site . . .Thanks for posting and I'll look for these on your site, Ray !!
Lovely flower and keep on sniffing Ray. Often fragrances
are specific to temp. and time of day. Usually, it's a big
surprise and a nice one. I just discovered a Phal. I've had
for years is very fragrant from about noon to 2pm on sunny days...big surprise!