A walk through the clouds

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Are you tripping for fun or going for a specific purpose?

Just for fun, although at the time it does not feel much like it. Previously I did a couple of trips with a company that arranged the whole thing. Then we only carried a day pack and the rest was carried by porters, I always felt that I was cheating, so this trip I went on my own, hired a guide (who I knew from previous trips) and carried all my own gear, food etc. We took a non tourist route, so for most of the way we were almost completely alone. Much more authentic, but not a very comfortable way of doing it. Carrying 6 days food, gear, tent and camera made it a much more difficult trip, I will tell you in a few days if it was worth it, at the moment I am just glad to have accomplished it and back home. (one irritation was to have to pay for two porters as part of my permit, even if I did not use them, I guess it is about job creation in what is a very poor country)
Wonderful view of a place I certainly will never see in person. I particularly loved the images of the strange plants in the mist in the second picture, and the glittering strands of mosses. I'm not envious of the uncomfortable nights and the rain, but I guess it all goes with the territory.