a parade of Aussie dendrobes...

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well, down here yonder south... we are very much looking forward to spring...

and as a start to what we have to look forward to, I give you these Aussie beauties....

1. dendrobium Aussie Charm x (Dot Sheen x Aussie Wow)

this is the first blooming of this plant which I've had for a few years bought as a seedling... every month I check RHS listing to see if I could shorten the name... but alas...

2. Dendrobium Sunstar x Hilda Poxon 'Speckles' - a recent purchase and really I am not too sure where all the speckles are...

3. Dendrobium Lorikeet 'Red Imp' x Star of Gold 'Bathurst' - this next beauty is my favourite... bought two years ago, this is the first flush and there are a few more spikes to come...

and finally.. or rather... until the next group to flower...

4. Dendrobium Kungara - another recent purchase... alas, as beautiful as she is... I couldn't get a decent photo!!!

awww.. I love the plants heralding Spring...
I like the Lorikeet very much.

I don't like your mention of spring though, Tim, that can only mean one thing for those of us round the other side....then again we are expecting it to be 101° today.

I've noticed the sun turning again today, back towards the horizon...I get much better sun in the autumn/spring than summer/winter.
Heather, it was 7 celsius this morning... aaaarghh!!!

as an aside, does anybody know why it is colder on the third month of winter rather than during the middle month???
nice dendrobiums tim maybe one day u can tell me how to grow and flower them.i hvnt had any luck at all.maybe too much water in winter