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Some of my haul: Phrag Petit Port x pearcei (from Woodstream) and a complex from Marriott/Hadley (don't remember parentage off hand). Also got (no pics) an in bud Deception 2, multigrowth St. Swithin, Roth, Gloria Naugle.


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Great show! Thanks for sharing all those pics!
Eric, can you read the tag? And what is the tiny pink on the left???
No, only the center one, Mayumi x Doll's Kobold. To add insult to injury, I clerked this class and have all the ribbon results, (there were only 3 in this group), except this group!! Sorry. :eek:
If I remember correctly, the lower left pink plant is owned by Marriott/Hadley. The comment was that the parent(s) were supposedly poor breeders, so there was surprise that the cross took. This is a miniature class plant. Also, if I remember correctly, there was a second plant with the same exact parents in another class; the other class was obviously bigger.

Maybe this will jog someone's memory who came?
Otherwise, maybe someone can try contacting Hadley?
Thank you Eric for the name and thank you Linus for your very helpful information! So I know that this is probably New Dawn (Orchilla x White Legacy).
Thanks a for all the pics! Must have been a great event, again. We need something like that on our continent.
Eric, that's the other queen in #32; Regina not Mary.