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Wanted 2.75" McConkey square pots

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Looking to get a quantity of McConkey 2.75 pots. These are the short ones that are roughly the same height as width. Sunsetvalley Orchids uses these for their catt. seedlings. Might even consider used ones. I'd like to do an experiment using these as outer pots while putting a net pot inside them in order to see if the roots grow threw the pot. Ebay had one listing of new pots but by viewing the photo they are heavily used. Also Amazon had them at one time but they are not in stock. Any suggestions?
I had thought of contacting Fred but really didn't want to do that for a couple of reason. One of which is the cost of shipping from one coast to the other. And even if he did sell me 50 or so for an experiment, if they worked out well I'd need to buy a considerable larger number of these pots. Then what? The manufacturer has too large of a minimum purchase to buy direct. Someone out there I'm sure can point me in the right direction.
To me, they look used in that photo, BUT…. I’ll have to say that back when I stocked pots, sitting around in an open case in my basement, they would attract a lot of dust and dirt, just sitting there.
I agree that they look dirty but not used. I wish I had this pot for you.. I have a “clear” square at 2.75” x 3” tall.. 2” at the bottom. They are nice.