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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense ‘Ant Farm’

    From HungSheng… surprisingly large. NS 14 cm. Second to bloom of 3 seedlings. Tiny dots like ants playing in their farm.
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense ‘Trench Wars’

    This first bloom struggled and opened with a ‘trench’ foot lol. Poor thing. From Taiwan HS.
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Paph. wenshanense ‘The Three Immortals’

    Most beautiful flowering of this 20 year old plant belonging to a best friend in Vancouver (S. Luk). NS 8 cm.
  4. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum wenshanense