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  1. Tlynnt66

    Help; my Hilo Leopard bud was broken by the monsters at FedEx!

    Hey all, First off, I'm new here, so hello!! I've been a hobbyist collector and breeder for the past few years. I'm an undergrad student about to go into a graduate program in medical anthropology, and orchids keep me afloat (and happy)! Second, I recently ordered a Hilo Leopard from Brookside...
  2. S

    First Paph :(

    Hi guys, I am now to orchids and especially a slipper orchid! And this is my one and only! My Paphiopedilum Pacific Shamrock. It was looking really sad at the nursery, but against my better judgment, I bought it because I loved the flower it produces. A week or so after bringing it home, I...
  3. Krister Lawlor

    Phrag air circulation?

    I got a small fan constantly blowing air to the side of my growing zone (windowsill), but it seems like it dries the plant too fast or the plant leaves are moving too much. Do I need the fan when I have a ceiling fan always running nearby? Is the drying out faster beneficial? What do you...
  4. Krister Lawlor

    Need help/odd phrag spots turning transparent

    Hey guys, I have some worries about my phrag Saint Ouen. It has some brown spotting, but that’s not my biggest worry. I worry most about these odd spots on the underside of the leaves that are turning a darker green but are turning translucent. The topside of the leaves dont seem to change...
  5. G

    Cypripendium reginae

    In Chin-Chang Chu and Kenneth W. Mudge, Propagation and Conservation of Natice Lady's Slipper Orchids, they say to sterilize the seeds in 10% Clorox. Does that mean 1 part regular strength bleach to 9 parts water?