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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Little Charlie

    A little one popped up while I was away. Not huge but good proportions. First or second bloom.
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum liemianum ‘Charlie’ CCM/AOS

    This gorgeous and well grown plant received a culture award of 81 points today from my team at the RBG show. It was so impressive that my ribbon team awarded it the Best Paphiopedilum of the show too. On top of that, it received the Best Specimen and BOS (Best of Show). This plant deserved...
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya jenmanii coerulea ‘Charlie’ AM/AOS

    Received an AM of 80 points today from the RBG orchid show. My plant beautifully grown by David B. Great job Dave!!
  4. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya gaskelliana tipo ‘Charlie’

    I got a small division from Marcotte many moons ago and this is the blooming of the second smaller division of my mother plant. There are 11 flowers on 4 inflorescences, about 13.5 cm.