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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya bowringiana ‘Pandemonium’

    I got this plant on a whim during Piping Rock open house in circa 2018. The first successful flowering (after my 2 attempts) at my buddy’s GH. If it wasn’t so tall, I would bring it home. Very nice deep colour and good shape. Seven flowers around 6.5 cm NS.
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya bowringiana coerulea ‘Blue Smoke’ HCC/AOS

    I used to love coerulea everything so needless to say that when an opportunity arose to get a division of this classic came up from a judge in my area, I snatched it up ;) Third blooming for me. This time with ten flowers! Max height of PB 18 inch in my conditions. Flowers about 3.5-4 cm NS...
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya bowringiana ‘Blue Smoke’ HCC/AOS

    I got this division 2-3 years ago from a local judge at an auction. An old cultivar from Stewart Orchids. Blooms every year. Love the lavender blues on it.