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  1. Spaph

    Paph. insigne

    I got this plant from eggshells, just love the lighter coloring. I have read about how variable this species was when originally discovered and grown with so many different color forms. Nice to have one that is a bit different from all the similar clones out there these days.
  2. Spaph

    A Group of Paphiopedilum fairrieanum at NJOS

    Amazing variation! Spectacular! Does anyone have more pictures of their entire display???
  3. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum wardii v.alboviride

    Very nice, looks like a small plant? How big a pot is it in?
  4. Spaph

    my leuco. alba 2019

  5. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum lawrenceanum 'Birchwood' HCC-AOS x 'Fox Valley'

    Great growing, what a nice clump you have going there. Such a nice species.
  6. Spaph

    Paph phillipinense var roebellinii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Congrats on the award, what a blooming and such a great time for you and all these awards!
  7. Spaph

    Paph. purpuratum ('Thunderbird' x Plum Red') x self

    Got this plant from Lehua Orchids back in January of this year and now this is the outcome, very pleased!
  8. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum Snow Cloud 'Michal' AM/AOS

    Great cross, lovely clone and special award.
  9. Spaph

    Paph spicerianum x haynaldianum

    What a specimen plant and blooming. I love this primary hybrid! Wish I could find one.
  10. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum insigne v. sanderae

    Very cool color form! Great to see some different color forms coming back in the mix with this species, old literature mentions hundreds of different color forms back in the golden age of this species discovery and cultivation.
  11. Spaph

    Paph Susan Booth 'Paracombe' FCC/AOC

    First class indeed! What a blooming, congrats on the award :clap:
  12. Spaph

    Hsinying Franz x anitum

    What a blooming and great clone.
  13. Spaph

    Paph. armeniacum

    Great photo of the true yellow of this marvelous species!
  14. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum Wrigleyi album (charlesworthii v.album x villosum v.album)

    Beautifully photographed and great outcome of the cross.
  15. Spaph

    Paph. henryanum 'Heavy Metal'

    Top notch henry!