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    This is totally new to me...

    Reminds me of fibrosis of the lungs when particulates become permanently lodged on the tissue.
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    UVC sterilizer for water

    Don't forget about oxygen dissolved in the water.
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    UVC sterilizer for water

    I would be curious if a similar effect could could accomplished by bubbling air (oxygen & nitrogen) into the water storage vessel with a small fish pump. As an organic chemist, I am quite aware of the ability of UV light to produce ozone, and I do know that ozone is more reactive then oxygen...
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    I live in Ft. Lauderdale and treat all my orchids monthly with orthene. Seems to work but I've heard that orchids can become tolerant... true?

    As an organic chemist with experience in the field of drug discovery, I am inclined to avoid pesticides which target biochemical systems that exist both in insects and humans. In the case of organophosphates, this class of insecticides binds to and inhibits the enzyme acetylcholinesterase...
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    Cattleya rex 2023

    How long do the flowers last? Beautiful as usual.
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    Phrag. Professor Braem?

    A year and a half ago, I posted some pictures of my Professor Braem (longifolium x schlimii var manzurii). Now I am including pictures of my Phrag. x sendenii (longifolium x schlimii). I do not generally get worked up too much over taxonomy, but do you think these photos are consistent with the...
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    What Water-Soluble Fertilizer Do You Use?

    Not sure if this minor discrepancy matters, but the label on my MSU Pure Water Special (Green Care) shows: N - 13% P - 3.7% K - 15.9%
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    Cattleya Ophir

    About 4 inches (10 cm) across. Still waiting to see if petals will open up more. Unfortunatey this appears to be part of the dowiana genetics.
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    Cattleya Ophir

    Not sure about fading. The flower is fragrant.
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    Cattleya Ophir

    This is a Chadwick division of Cattlrya Ophir. This cross of xanthina x dowiana was first made around 1900 and remade by Art Chadwick in the 1990s. If you have the second edition of the Chadwicks' "Classic Cattleyas," you can find a photo on the back cover. Hoping this opens up a bit more.
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    Hi from the UK.

    Big fan! Welcome!
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    Fernwood New Zealand Tree Fern

    I love NZ tree fern. The color lightens as it dries. I have yet to determine how long before it starts decomposing. Here is a source: It has gone up in price quite a bit in the last few years. If...
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    Redlands Florida Oct 6-9, 2022

    it would be great to go but the proximity to hurricane season makes me think twice.
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    Cattleya Overgrowth Option

    Hello, A couple of months ago, I learned about some great presentations on the Odom's Orchids YouTube page. Keith Davis had some interesting observations and tips about cattleyas in his three videos. He discussed dealing with an overgrown cattleya by attaching a smaller pot filled with media to...
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    Dendrobium Joyce Kelly ‘White Queen’

    I was speaking to Roy Tokunaga about making the cross with the aureum form of spectabile, and he reminded me that the aureaum variety is recessive for the yellow-green color. I really like the Joyce Kelly with the heavy influence of johnsoniae. Not sure how my Joyce Kelly seedlings with two...