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    New Cyp just looking out, do you know them?

    My try - on the right is guttatum
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    Made me wait soooooooo long

    No, those were first and second bloom. The third is here. Took almost a month to open both flowers on one inflorescence.
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    What category should this plant be entered in for ribbon judging?

    Congratulations! :clap: So, what was "her" class in the end? Bronze or pink?
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    Aerangis luteo-alba v. rhodostica

    My favorite, which I'd never bloomed... Amazing plant! Congratulations!
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    What is this species?

    Yes, I've seen it. But why are you showing me that thread? In this thread I'm comparing photo of vendor who sold me this plant to my photo of this plant taken when it is in bloom. And I'm writing in this thread because Gore was offered the same plant with the same photo at the same time, but...
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    What is this species?

    So, here we are. Doesn't look similar to the first photo at all, I think. Dorsal has spots, petals went upward... just a typical haynaldianum....
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    Made me wait soooooooo long

    I missed to show you the second blooming in 2009. Now it is opening for the third time (started today) and ... it doesn't look like the same plant. I'll wait a bit to see and will make a photo a bit later.
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    lots of stuff

    Very impressive! :clap: How do you water them? Is there an automated watering system?
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    Paphiopedilim delenatii 'My Time' ('Pink Giant' x Madame Butterfly') clone

    Thank you all for comments. No, it was a sunny day and I brought it out only to make a picture in a sunshine :) No, it is a regular type. Yes, this one is one of them.
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    My Mexipedium is *still* blooming, but I repotted it anyway...

    thanks! I was adding a bit, but was not sure if I was doing right.
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    My Mexipedium is *still* blooming, but I repotted it anyway...

    Heather, do you add calcium in your mix?
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    Paphiopedilum Fanaticum

    Yeah, I know it is a primary of micranthum and malipoense. I meant particular clones and probably vars. I've never seen Fanaticum with so white and big lip. Usually if it is big it is much more pinkish. I guess, this one was made with micranthum var. eburneum.
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    Paphiopedilum Fanaticum

    It is beautiful! Do you know the parents?