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    Paph phil X gigantifolum

    Very nice - the best gigantifolium hybrid I've seen so far!
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    Lowii is wonderful!
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    Paph villosum

    A pretty villosum!
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    Phalaenopsis malipoensis

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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    Dendrobium ...

    The flowers nearly close at late afternoon and are open again before dawn. A very light scent; flowers are 35 x 31 mm now, I think they still stretch a bit, but in general, a tiny flower. Very nice lips, though. I like it.
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    P. Lady Isabel

    Nice tesellation.
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    Poll on Patricipants

    @Ray: Well, yes I have. It might be because I AM gay and thus I am directly involved when it comes to discrimination. It wasn't a grocery eventually, but in many other places; and of course I didn't ask for permit previously - I defended myself and my husband's rights right away. If you were...
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    Poll on Patricipants

    For the last time (for me) - nobody needs to read this tiny sub-forum. But alas, you have won. It's so much easier to forbid opinions completely than to find and give a good answer in an conciliate manner. I assume I am the only one who has noticed that there are many more responses to...
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    Dendrobium ...

    The flowers are on the tiny side, but quite nice. They open well and I like the creamy colour. Hoping now to get 'fox-tails' in the next years! The plant was bought at o&m; tagged as ready to flower in two years - and that is what she did!
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    Catt labiata coerulea

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    Poll on Patricipants

    Now there is none of them. Some will be delighted. There are three (¿or more?) german forums on orchids you can join and rise the quality level.
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    Paph lady roth x anitum

    This one is very nice!
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    Congrats!!! So beautiful!