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  1. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Schroederae

    Phenomenal. My all time favorite Phrag. Mine have not set spike yet. Congrats!!!
  2. Michael Bonda

    Perseus ‘Highclare’

    Spectacular. Added to my wish list.
  3. Michael Bonda

    Paph. Booth's Sand Lady x (Lady Isabel x sanderianum 'Pull Bridge')

    A new favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Michael Bonda

    Gloria Naugle

    Congrats on blooming. Spectacular. My 5 fan plant has been the same for years except for fewer leaves each year!
  5. Michael Bonda

    P. Woessner Perle and more

    P. Benkii…. I have added to my wish list……….
  6. Michael Bonda


    Perfect shape. Spectacular.
  7. Michael Bonda

    Excitement for Two Paph. charlesworthii in bud

    That is the flower shape I was hoping for and think of when I think charlesworthii. Well done!
  8. Michael Bonda

    Excitement for Two Paph. charlesworthii in bud

    My nominate charlesworthii has finally opened. The flower shape is not as nice as the Spring flower shape but I’ll take what I get when it comes to any blooming and especially a species.
  9. Michael Bonda

    Excitement for Two Paph. charlesworthii in bud

    First v. Alba flower has finally opened
  10. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Stephen Manza

    Love it! Great shape and color
  11. Michael Bonda

    A Trio of Paphs

    I really like the rounded shape of your thaianum……mine (in bloom for a few months) has wider petals and I like the shape in yours:
  12. Michael Bonda

    Paph. rothschildianum 'Rex' x 'Tokyo Fantasy'

    Wow!!! My personal favorite is the first pic. yet I appreciate each and every one Thanks for sharing
  13. Michael Bonda

    Paphiopedilum henryanum ‘Hoodview’ HCC/AOS

    Fantastic. Congrats. My 4 fan growth plant shows no sign of blooming…..and slow grower too….two new leaves in 2 years!
  14. Michael Bonda

    Paph. purpuratum first bloom

    Sorry for the delay here are 2 pics in natural light. Second away, first towards the sun light source (no flash, cloudy day):
  15. Michael Bonda

    Paph. dianthum and Paph. parishii flowers

    I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.