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  1. littlefrog

    Phrag. besseae fma flavum 'Green Gold' HCC-AOS (x self) seedling availability

    That is an excellent grex, I've been happy with mine.
  2. littlefrog

    Phrag. Bubblegum

    What is the cross on Bubblegum, Eric?
  3. littlefrog

    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    I might have missed something, did you imply that you grow drosera in rockwool? I'm actually looking for a new CP medium. Never thought about rockwool... Rob
  4. littlefrog

    Thanks Little Frog!

    Yes. Although I don't know if he made the cross.
  5. littlefrog

    Cattleya alaorii - alba no more

    Interesting. If I had to guess ahead of time I'd say more color at low temperatures. Guess that was a bad guess! neat.
  6. littlefrog

    Phrag DonWimber?

    Not Don Wimber. Could be Eric Young but it could also be a lot of things. If it is Chuck's latest cross of Don Wimber, I have a dozen or so that will bloom soon, I hope they are the right thing.
  7. littlefrog

    Awarded Bel Royal x kovachii for sale

    It is a super sweet plant, even more impressive in person.
  8. littlefrog

    Soaking before fertilizing?

    One of the best growers I know fertilized phragmipediums at a rate that I thought would be impossible. Plants looked great and never had tip burn. I can't grow them cleanly at 1/4 the concentration he used. Once I learned that I've stopped worrying so much about exact numbers and schedules...
  9. littlefrog

    Phrag. Schroederae

    Beautifully bloomed, Tennis. Love the color. Might have gotten it from me... Actually I'm sure you got it from me, I put that clonal name on it. Just to keep track. I bloomed two other pieces of the same clone just recently. Might be the same plant as Tennis has, there is a quite decent...
  10. littlefrog

    Phrag. x roethianum? Phrag. Rio Mira?

    Great question! I don't know the answer, but it would be really interesting to know. If that scent is unique to roethianum then that might argue that it has a specific pollinator that it attracts. Which (depending on what your definition of species is, there are at least 30 used in...
  11. littlefrog

    Phrag. x roethianum? Phrag. Rio Mira?

    Couldn't tell you how they are different. But yes to the other parts. A natural hybrid isn't necessarily an F1 - although they could potentially be sterile, it is more likely that as a wild population they interbreed with other x roethianum, as well as back to either 'parent' species...
  12. littlefrog

    Phrag. 'brasiliense'

    Sure, happy to send some samples.
  13. littlefrog

    Phrag. 'brasiliense'

    Sequencing is easy, I used to do the bioinformatics for our sequencing facility (Now I just teach, and not bioinformatics...). That is not the hard part. Hard part is finding reference material for the parents (unknown, if it is a hybrid Patti McHale is just a guess). And figuring out what...
  14. littlefrog

    Paph. Wood Dove

    Think it says x superbiens on the tag. Think the taxonomists might still be fighting about that one. :) I like the name Wood Dove better than Mem. Rolf Bolin though.
  15. littlefrog

    Paph. Wood Dove

    This is... glaucophyllum x superbiens? Something like that. Not the best picture. In person, it is large and quite charming, has an interesting color to it. Old clone that I got from Taylor Orchids in MI.