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    Phrag. Columbianum

    I got a pair of these seedlings from letstalkplants on eBay last April. I grew them outside on my covered porch all summer. When I brought all the plants in for the winter, I was surprised by one being in spike. This is the second flower on this spike. The first one I didn’t even take a picture...
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    Phrag. mem garren weaver?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, It does have the faintest smell of honeysuckle during the day.
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    Phrag. mem garren weaver? Well now that the flower has developed more I think it is safe to change...
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    Phrag. mem garren weaver?

    Now that I’m seriously looking at this plant I think it is definitely a wallisi cross but maybe with longifolium, not Pearcei. That would make it a p. Paul Eugene Conroy? I have a P. Mayling Nelson and this is a big girl compared to that. You can see in the photo with the plants comparing size.
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    Phrag. mem garren weaver?

    I recently purchased this orchid from It was in spike when I got it. I'm a windowsill grower, so though Phrags are my favorite, I've had to limit myself to orchids that tended to have a smaller growth habit. I figured this was a cross with pearcei; it would be smaller. I have a...
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    Don Wimber?

    A little damaged since I left it on vacation. So obviously this is not a Don Wimber, but what is it?
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    Warts on my besseae?

    As promised here is the frog prince
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    Warts on my besseae?

    I've never seen this flower in bloom before. I got it with two other besseae on ebay from OZ. I do see that it has a previous growth that looks like it had a spike. This cross is 'Big Bob' x 'Colossal'. It very well can be the shock of moving because the buds looked normal when I got it. If it...
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    Warts on my besseae?

    Does anyone know what this is? I just got this from a three pack from OZ. The other two besseae are unaffected. This one was not warty at first but then it started at the bud, and as you can see it travels down to the second node. my first instinct was it was a bug. but I've popped a wart from...
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    Indian almond leaves

    I would think the betas and aquatic plants would be more sensitive to any chemicals than my orchids. (I would never let my fish swim in water with fertilizer) I read that the chemical compounds in the IAL are basically the same as oak leaves. Acaule grows in this type of leaf litter. It would...
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    my rant about certain people who buy orchids

    I don't sell anything, but I do customer service for PayPal. I get those type of people calling in all the time to start a claim, or worse people that buy things that don't have money and wants PayPal to pay overdraft fees o_o not fun people to deal with.
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    Indian almond leaves

    So I have almost 4 acres of land considered 'protected wetland'. My dream is to have a forest of slipper orchids. Since cypripedium acaule is native to my state (along with the Venus fly trap) I figured that it would be an easy start, so I ordered some with little research (bad idea). Anyways I...
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    Paph Moon Stone

    Last flower just fell off. When I posted the pictures the bloom had been open for 3 weeks. So the flower lasted about two months.
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    Shopaholics Anonymous

    I had a problem with space. I don't have a green house, I don't have any grow lights (My husband would complain about the light bill). I've limited my collection to only slipper orchids. I have one phal that someone gifted me, other than that I have only phrags and paphs. The other orchids are...
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    Paph atlantinet

    I actually just bought a pk from them on ebay for 75.00 (free shipping too score!) I will have to send them a message and ask. Thanks