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  1. KyushuCalanthe

    Spiranthes romanzoffiana

    A chameleon spider! Ain't "nature" amazing...
  2. KyushuCalanthe

    Spiranthes romanzoffiana

    Ha, ha! I know how you feel. I'm always finding "things" in my photos and videos after the fact - yes, my closeup vision is getting worse by the minute. Neat orchid, but an even neater spider. It always amazes me how an animal can be so narrowly adapted - I'm assuming it can only effectively...
  3. KyushuCalanthe

    Bletilla ochracea

    Nice surprise!
  4. KyushuCalanthe

    Which orchids grow naturally in your area?

    Yay, wild orchids! That's a nice list Tony. Here's a video from earlier in July showing some of the orchids growing in my neighborhood in southern Japan:
  5. KyushuCalanthe

    neo. shunkyuden

    Cute and weird flower. Can you post again when its bit more open?
  6. KyushuCalanthe

    Paph. thaianum

    Beyond adorable.
  7. KyushuCalanthe

    Paph. Chou-Yi Rookie

    Lovely indeed. The colors make up for other flaws for me.
  8. KyushuCalanthe

    Rlc. Toshie Aoki 'Pizazz' AM/AOS

    An oldie, but a goodie.
  9. KyushuCalanthe


    Not as clean as Marco's plant, but here's two plants I've been growing for a while now. The first started as a single, small fan. The second one has a couple 'Manazuru' coming along. I once was googoo gaagaa about 'Manazuru'. A local nursery used to have a cool 'Manazuru' type 'Tamanishiki'...
  10. KyushuCalanthe

    Neo. nishidemiyako

    I really like this one too. I've always wanted a Tamanishiki, but never was willing to shell over the bucks to buy one.
  11. KyushuCalanthe

    Batch of tigrinums

    Me neither! That is something special.
  12. KyushuCalanthe

    New Greenhouse

    Happy, happy! Joy, joy! (Ren and Stimpy reference, sorry)
  13. KyushuCalanthe

    help with Cyp. Foremosanum

    OK, I'm sorry I ever gave that advice. I don't give advice anymore unless someone pries it out of me. On the good side C. formosanum is as sturdy a Cyp as can be made. That means it is harder to kill than most, but as with any terrestrial orchid, it isn't that difficult either. This species...
  14. KyushuCalanthe

    Phragmipedium warszewiczianum var. wallisii

    Wow, that is one beautifully drooping flower... shy and lovely.