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    You got the orchid bug ! Congratulations!
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    Paph purpuratum fma album

    Good luck next growing season, it must be very exciting.
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    Well I would like to create optimal conditions and I am not sure if 75%shadecloth is either too much or just right. I have recently moved from Tassie to NE Victoria and my greenhouse down in Tas was in a bit different position, we had mature trees providing some natural shade, here it is more...
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    Wössner Favourite

    The yellow is really beautiful.
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    Paphiopedilum micranthum fma album (What’s the deal?)

    Hmm not everyone is a millionare……
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    Phrag Demetria

    I am researching the misting issue atm, do you have any tips?
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    Hi everyone, I am struggling a bit with adjusting the right amount of shading, is there a device that could measure the amount of light in lux? Thanks.
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    Phrag Demetria

    This is very helpful, I have ventured into Phrags first season this year so wish me luck. It is going to be trial and error I guess, but who has not killed any in the process?
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    Phrag Akela

    It is obviously improving with age, gorgeous!
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    Armeniacum x thaianum

    The colour looks like a lovely Italian sorbet, so cute it‘s almost edible !
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    Paph henryanum forma christae

    I would be happy with it as well.
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    Paphiopedilum Yellow Tiger 'Ruth Luethans' AM/AOS

    Can I queue up for a division ? 🙂