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    Paph. Lady Isabel 'White Tiger' x 'Charles E'

    Thanks for the comments everyone, makes me happy. Nope, it's not a division. Quality is a little worse in person, but I'm only after internet praise. Slippertalk compliments mean more to me than awards, so thanks!
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    Paph. Lady Isabel 'White Tiger' x 'Charles E'

    I bought this plant in 2010 from a guy who had to downsize. Turns out he first repotted the plant in 1999. This is the plant's first bloom and it's probably around 20 years old. It's 'White Tiger' x 'Charles Edwards'. Looks like I'll be able to get 4 flowers out of it next time, hopefully it...
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    vini sanderianum

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    Phrag besseae?

    "Is it getting enough water? Never seen a besseae that looks like this before. What medium is it potted in?" - It was probably not getting enough water, it was bought bare root. It's now in orchiata and growstone. I'll update with a second pic. "Heat stressed, but a pure besseae." -...
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    Phrag besseae?

    This is my friends. She bought it in bud and it is her first besseae. I tried to make her feel better by telling her, "it's probably very unique, and some people prefer that." It's a pure besseae, right?
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    Paph. malipoense

    This year's bloom.
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    roth. (Green Valley x Dou Fong)

    I can't take credit for blooming it, I bought it in low spike at the POE. I know it will never win any awards, but it's my first roth and I couldn't be happier with it. It was so much fun watching it open. The NS is only ~23cm, but I'm sure it would be bigger if grown ideally.
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    Life of Calypso bulbosa var. americana in North

    Interestingly they are only found along the coast. In CA's warmer areas all signs of the plant, seed capsule included, are gone by June. It goes down to Santa Cruz County, which is mountainous. The book goes on to say that there are two distinct groups of white flowers in Trinity county.
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    Paph Jackii first flowering seedling .

    I really like it, it's very artsy.
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    Alpine flowers of Sichuan, China - Snow Mountain Pass

    Fantastic, thanks for introducing me to Meconopsis'
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    Has anyone tried reviving moss from Michaels?

    It's a place where wives drag their husband to die. e.g. the picture below
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    Cyp. fasciculatum

    My friend just got back from a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and she saw quite a few of these along a trail. Most are still budding so if you want to go...
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    Cypripedium montanum - Clump E growth photos

    Why do you "thin in favor of the pine"?
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    Cypripedium montanum - Clump E growth photos

    Wow, fasciculatums and phantom orchids! Please don't move!
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    Take a guess, found in Santa Cruz Mountains

    I'm going back to check up on them this weekend. They could be somewhat interesting because of how isolated they are. Proof or it didn't happen! I want to see pics! Yes! I'm pretty sure it's a Piperia. It's probably elegans or elongata. Yeah, they are rarer out here, but if there's a fire in...