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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Progress thread. Had about a year now. From Ecuagenera. The wallisii x humboldtii ‘Fortuna’ cross. I actually bought this by mistake. Meant to buy the humboldtii ‘Fortuna’ species. Mostly I wanted this plant because my husband grew up in Fortuna, CA in Humboldt county so of course I had to have it! I’m hoping he might get a little more interested in these guys when it blooms.

I will say he seems to enjoy the plants overall but doesn’t seem to distinguish between blooming plants and non-blooming ones. 🤔

Anyway, excited to have this bloom. Hopefully more than one flower? It’s exciting to be back to this a year now and know I’m doing something right!


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I’ve found these to be pretty easy both times I’ve grown them, similar conditions, both East/South/West facing windows. The one issue is that these guys really are prone to more rot, in fact, this one arrived with rot, and I lost that growth so I do not tend to sit these in the water, like I do all my other besseae hybrids. I also wouldn’t order them from across the country next time around.