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Sold Cattleya Allen Condo 'Pete's Passion' AM/AOS 3 Bulb Orchid Division

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Oct 23, 2018
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This is a 3 bulb division of the recently awarded 'Pete's Passion'. This plant was originally aquired from the great NC orchid grower, Dorcas Brogdon. This clone is a wonderful unspotted variety with mahogony coloration and wonderful fragrance. I had this plant awarded in August and made the division on 10/28.

The award description is:
Twelve flowers on three slightly arched inflorescences; sepals ovate, green, heavily overlaid bronze; petals elliptical, slightly undulate, green, heavily overlaid magenta; lip white basally, midlobe vivid magenta distally, side lobes blushed light magenta; column and anther cap white; substance hard; texture satiny.

$75, Paypal


  • 2023 2439 C. Allen Condo 'Pete's Passion' AM-AOS 1.jpg
    2023 2439 C. Allen Condo 'Pete's Passion' AM-AOS 1.jpg
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  • 2023 2439 C. Allen Condo 'Pete's Passion' AM-AOS 3.jpg
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@FlaskandFlora I do have another division if it is of interest. See attached pic.

Open to an offer or a trade.


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