vanda coerulea semi-water culture

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    question about effect of window screens on light

    I am doing a gig in northwest Arkansas for a few months and being put up in a company efficiency apartment. It has one window, facing glancingly southwest. I brought a few “project” slippers but mostly my water-culture Vandas, a Peristeria, some of my more expensive Neofinetia, a Bulbophyllum...
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    Paphiopedilum helenae from Wenqing

    Loving this baby. First bloom. Have had now four years? Very slow growing for me but otherwise seems happy. I love it. The laterals are flexed more forward than seems apparent in most photos, like it’s reaching to pick up a small child. I have been so envious of the beautiful helenae herein and...
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    Vanda coerulea semi-water culture first flowering

    Thrilled to present this first-flowering after 3 years growing in from deflasked Vanda coerulea sib. X self from Orchids by Hausermann in Villa Park, IL. Since reading about the species 30 years ago, I have been dying to see one in flower. Not the flat-petaled modernized line-bred flowers but a...