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  1. Ernesto

    Phragmipedium seed germination

    I finally got my sterile technique down and recently sowed my first Phrag seeds from the following crosses on P668 and coconut water: (schlimii x manzurii) x self longifolium var. album x pearcei pearcei x longifolium var. album I have a few questions regarding germination. When can I...
  2. Ernesto

    My First Seedpod— is it ready?

    I pollinated this Paph. Payakka Kodkod (concolor x thaianum) with pollen from Paph. Chou-Yi Rookie (rothschildianum x thaianum) back in mid-July. It looks like the seedpod is beginning to change from green to yellow to slight brown. Is it ready to harvest? Do you have any tips for harvesting...
  3. Ernesto

    Signs of successful Paph pollination

    What are signs to look out for successful pollination? I’ve read of flowers falling off and leaving behind the ovary; I’ve also heard of checking to see if the pollinia is “stuck” indicating that the pollen tubes have grown into the pod parent. Are these things true, and if so what is the time...