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    Paphiopedilum purpuratum x sib (‘Full Wings’ x var. album ‘Albino Beauty’ CBR/AOS) selfed today!

    Today was day 3 from opening of this first-bloom seedling from Sam and my first-ever orchid pollination! Here’s hoping for success. Anybody want to give me tips on maturing the pod? Sam will be flasking but he grows in a phenomenally state-of-the-art facility, whereas I am but an...
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    Did Paphiopedilum Dr.Jack somehow set seed?

    Is this seed pods? This Dr. Jack took 3 years to rehabilitate from being grown in cacti conditions (not exaggerating; he was growing it with cacti and they were thriving while this orchid had about 20 dried leaves along a lonnnnnnng stem. 3 years later, a double bloom from one