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  1. N

    Paphs in baskets?

    Hi everyone; I'm just re-starting my Paph collection after a several-decade-long break and I'm hoping I can get some pointers - or possibly get told off LOL! I am in South Florida and have a sun room (it's fairly shaded - so maybe it's really a shade room) where I keep my plants. My...
  2. JawDroppingSlippers

    Paphiopedilum Leybaudianum (haynaldianum x philippinense)

    As a Paph novice, and after watching three of my Maudiae types bloom in February, I’m thrilled to watch my first multifloral paph open up today 😊. It’s not as exotic as the specimens I’ve seen in this forum, but I’m grateful to start off positively with these easier-to-grow hybrid plants. It’s...