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  1. B

    question about effect of window screens on light

    I am doing a gig in northwest Arkansas for a few months and being put up in a company efficiency apartment. It has one window, facing glancingly southwest. I brought a few “project” slippers but mostly my water-culture Vandas, a Peristeria, some of my more expensive Neofinetia, a Bulbophyllum...
  2. Cklinger

    Lighting Help

    Hi all, I have an 18" x 18" x 24" enclosure and need some help with finding the best lighting option, preferably LED. I had a small LED fixture, but after buying a lumen meter, it is no where near strong enough. It's a 12W, 6500K Fluval Aquasky, and the lumen reading at the bottom of the...
  3. N

    Need help with light requirement for Paph. Niveum

    I just got a Paph Niveum barely a week ago. I’m very new to growing Paphiopedilum and orchids in general. I’m wondering if my light set up is adequate for my paph niveum. my orchid is placed around 3 meters away from north side high ceiling window. So it gets very dim light during the day. Also...