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  1. Cach26

    Grow Award Winning Plants!

    Hello everyone Now (after many deaths XD) I have mastered growing Phrags and Paphs to the point where they bloom, grow like crazy and have shiny leaves. However, I have everything standardized, I take care of them all equally (Phrags Macro-Petalum and Micro-Petalum, Paph Maudie and Complex)...
  2. Malipoense

    Johnston IA Orchid Show/Speakers Day

    I was down in Iowa for the orchid show and get some various orchids and got to see Alan Koch from Gold Country Orchids and Fred Clarke from SVO do talks on growing orchids and species that are easy to care. Orchid judging was also done. Quite a bit orchids were passed on judging, but a few got...