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  1. S

    Companies/people who can flaks seeds USA

    Hello, Perhaps I have missed it but is there a list or a thread here of people or companies I can send pods to to have them flasked and possibly germinated? I hear everything has to be ultra sterile and vents or boxes are required and a slue of other things to get them to actuality take and...
  2. Cach26

    "Improve genetics" in Phrags (4N, 3N, Better colors and shapes)

    Hello everyone It's Phrags and Paph Blooming Season! I was looking at the OrchidWeb plants, and I'm curious about the 4N and 3N Symbols, as I see, they are "genetic studs" with perfect shapes and colors that hit your eyes XD My questions are: How is a 4N, or genetic sire, obtained or...
  3. Ernesto

    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense frma. album) x delenatii frma. alba

    I want to make a Paph hybrid that looks like a white rothschildianum. To get there, I figured I needed a way to get a roth shape, a way to wipe out anthocyanin, a way to wipe out carotenoids, and a way to wipe out chlorophyll. I think there are many ways to do this, and this is the first route...