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  1. Ernesto

    Signs of successful Paph pollination

    What are signs to look out for successful pollination? I’ve read of flowers falling off and leaving behind the ovary; I’ve also heard of checking to see if the pollinia is “stuck” indicating that the pollen tubes have grown into the pod parent. Are these things true, and if so what is the time...
  2. Stefan Neher

    Cyp. acaule breeding

    Hello to all. As the Cypripedium acaule flowering season winds down here in the Mid-Atlantic (Washington, DC), I wanted to offer anyone farther north or still in bloom, hoping to outcross the species some pollinia I collected from a spent flower I encountered in my favorite spot. I have...
  3. Ernesto

    Tips for a beginner?

    I’ve googled as much as I could about procedures and methods, but is there any advice you would give to someone just starting out breeding that isn’t written down?
  4. TropiCool

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hey all, I've been a member for a number of years already, but only visit the forum episodically. I just updated my profile to say more about where I am and what orchidy, slipperlike focus I have. If you're curious, have a look. I'm interested in talking with people any and everywhere, but...