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  1. Teresa Koncolor

    Paphiopedilum concolor

    That is beautiful. Mine got a rot after several days of rain
  2. Teresa Koncolor

    RLC. Jennifer Off ‘Joan’ HCC/AOS

    Wow! It is spectacular!
  3. Teresa Koncolor

    Hurricane Eta

    Excuse this newbie question....but why do you worry more about Paphs and phrags with the rain? I thought they didn't mind being wet as much as epiphytes? I grow in New Orleans, mostly outdoors. I had rot problems with heavy rains but it didn't affect my Paphs. Was it just luck? Or that they sit...
  4. Teresa Koncolor

    Dendrobium Blue Seas leaves turning yellow with pitted spots

    I've cut way back on watering. I was watering nearly every day with the heat. Now I'm down to about once a week
  5. Teresa Koncolor

    Dendrobium Blue Seas leaves turning yellow with pitted spots

    The plant had good roots. It seems to have stabilized. I trimmed off all the dying leaves and hit it with physan a few times then returned it to it's sunny spot. I also treated it with insecticide, miticide and a systemic fungicide. Something worked
  6. Teresa Koncolor

    Cattleya rot

    You may need to add more calcium during the growth phase. Also, I've had good results on root growth with added seaweed extract. I've had black rot after heavy rains. I've treated with Banrot and Subdue. It looks very different from what you have in the pics
  7. Teresa Koncolor

    Cattleya bowringiana coerulea ‘Blue Smoke’ HCC/AOS

    I had one of these do a first blooming for me and the flowers were tiny and deformed. I like the plant, so I'm keeping it. I hope future blooms look more like this one.
  8. Teresa Koncolor

    Dendrobium Blue Seas leaves turning yellow with pitted spots

    I noted this today on several leaves. I repotted the plant several weeks ago. It did fine until today. We had a nice cool spell for a couple of weeks then the weather got hot and humid again. It was in the 70’s and now upper 80’s.
  9. Teresa Koncolor

    C. walkeriana - Two Leaf Growths this Year

    Thanks. It's growing well. I moved it to a higher light spot on my outdoor rack. I have it in pebbles in a net pot. I added some live moss top dressing recently to see if it helps anything.
  10. Teresa Koncolor

    C. walkeriana - Two Leaf Growths this Year

    Have the smaller variants bloomed for you? I have one c. walkeriana corulea x alba that came with 3 pseudobulbs, now has 6 but it's still small. I'm wondering how big it has to get to bloom
  11. Teresa Koncolor

    Blc. King of Taiwan

    I got the update on orchidwiz recently and its not on there. Last award was to 'Wilson's Choice's' twice in 2012. I'm not sure if the encyclopedia updated happen with all awards updated
  12. Teresa Koncolor


    There's a St Joseph lilly, a hybrid hippeastrum, that is labeled hardy to zone 7a. I grow it here in zone 9a and we've had hard freezes every few years
  13. Teresa Koncolor

    Help, please. Does this look bacterial? Or what is it?? That link is to an article where they test up to 6 plants together. I did it and it worked. I grouped the paphs since they have a low positive rate. When I tried grouping others then it was a waste because I'd have a positive and...
  14. Teresa Koncolor

    Paphiopedilum concolor

    Thanks....that was a long rabbit hole of reading and browsing... My paph concolor new growth has gotten huge(more than double the old growth, it came in bloom) but not blooming. I moved it up to cat shelf with just 30% shade, now with a little cooler weather, a little brighter than he suggests...