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    What does line-breeding actually mean?

    This is an entertaining thread, thanks for everyone's input for a great read! I agree with everything that was said but also wanted to share another perspective. When I was doing my MS degree in orchid breeding (tissue culture), my professor said that often times the elite x elite crosses...
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    Paphiopedilum Bel Royal 'Memoria Terry Turner' AM/AOC

    Thanks! One more question, do you find the flower stem needs careful training as it extends? Mine always wants to take a nose dive straight down and I have to really stake it carefully to get a straight stem. Again, well deserved rewards!
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    Paphiopedilum Bel Royal 'Memoria Terry Turner' AM/AOC

    Nice, well grown! Mine always flowers in the spring (April, may). Are you located in the southern hemisphere? I got 4 large growths on mine so hoping for a nice bloom in a few months. The first bloom had 5 flowers, second 6, and the last was 5 again. And yes, this cross (yours especially)...
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    Slow growing rust discolouration around base of Paph. kolopakingii I use a ~25ppm CalMag 12-1-1 feeding on every watering. I water every other day, sometimes daily. Temps are between 20-28C.
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    Slow growing rust discolouration around base of Paph. kolopakingii

    Thanks! I posted some flowers recently on another thread and just repotted it. I find it to be one of the easier and most vigorous growers in my collection. My main problem is how big it is :). It was tolerant to the abuses of moving and extreme temperatures. I have it in pure sphagnum moss and...
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    Slow growing rust discolouration around base of Paph. kolopakingii

    Hi, I noticed something similar on my Bel Royal (Roth x kolo). I noticed it after bringing the plant inside the house but it could of occurred earlier. In my case, I think it is a physiological response to temperatures and not biotic stress. It doesn't seem to spread or cause leaf death so while...
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    Paphiopedilum armeniacum from Fox Valley Orchids

    Nice boom, well done!
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    Paph. armeniacum

    I've been growing my armeniacum in baskets similarly. I found that when the media breaks down I get a flush of growth but if left alone, rot follows soon after. I'm curious how you prevent them from rotting? My guess is your watering flushes out the decomposing fir bark and leaving just the...
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    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Anyone know the history of this particular plant, ie, who was/is Charles Edward? While a student at UH Manoa I had the pleasure of meeting Henrietta Fujiwara who gave the University her collection of paphs, several plants of 'Charles' and 'Rex' were in the mix. I hope the collection is still...
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    Paph acomdontum

    Very nice, well done!
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    Paphiopedilum concolor First Time Blooming

    always enjoyed this species, congrats on a good one!
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    Paph 'Catherine Briois' (godefroyae x delenatii)

    great flower! I like!
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    Great flowers! Congrats!
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    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Thanks again Dave, I ask because I've found my malipoense and phrag kovachii-bessiei compots did not appear to like the bottom heat. However there could have been other factors involved. Sorry did not mean to deviate the topic away from your admirable photos!
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    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Thanks Dave, just one more followup question: when you say "all" do you mean all? Are there some paph (or even phrag) sp. that prefer cooler temps even as seedlings? Oops two questions :).