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    Virgin Magic Lantern

    Very nice! I love Magic Lantern. :)
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    Dendrobium Enobi Purple ‘Splash’ AM/AOS

    Dendrobium Enobi Purple ‘Splash’ AM/AOS I purchased this plant a few months ago from Sundance Orchids. It’s my first Dendrobium so I’m learning as I go.
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    Paph. delenatii

    The bloom is a few weeks old, there is just a very slight sent.
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    Paph. delenatii

    Paph. delenatii ( x self) Purchased from Hauserman’s about a year ago. Compact, perfect if space is limited. Paph. delenatii
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    17th International slipper symposium

    The Symposium is on October 31st, and the open house at Krull-Smith is Sunday November 1st. This years speakers: Olaf Gruss Franz Glanz Alexej Popow Dr. Howard Koopowitz Here's the link to the website: http://www.slippersymposium.com Is anyone going??
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    NYEric, Your inbox is full. There's a message waiting for you! :)
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    Epi . porpax

    Very nice!
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    Silva 9.11.15 - 9.13.15

    Sadly I can't make this one. Kristen of New World Orchids gives a great presentation. Take lots of pictures guys!
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    Tall Plants under Light Set Up

    Neil, Just to give you some ideas, I got my light cart from Gardeners Supply (picture below from the website). Each shelf has 3 T5HO bulbs. That is bright enough for me because i also have natural light. Maybe for your tall plants you could get a jump start T5HO grow light. Charley's...
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    Lc Ann Akagi "Hihimanu"

    Nice! The color reminds me of salt water taffy!
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    Caribbean honeymoon destination suggestions

    If you are looking for swim-up rooms there are a lot of resorts in the Dominican Republic/Punta Cana that have them. Be sure to check out Tripadvisor. You'll get reviews of hotels, things to do, restaurants, photos, etc.
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    Caribbean honeymoon destination suggestions

    Hi Kevin, Here's some info on islands I've been to: In February I went to Cuba on a Botanical tour. Sadly I haven't gotten around to posting my pictures yet, but we went to botanical gardens, national parks, an organic farm, orchid garden. We also went to the UNESCO colonial town of Trinidad...
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    Parkside Orchid Fest

    And now for the orchids!!! :clap: IMG_2803 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2808 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2801 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2794 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2789 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2777 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2800 by cponsolle, on Flickr...
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    Parkside Orchid Fest

    NYEric and I made a mini road trip to Parkside. We ran into fellow ST members eOrchids (Eric) and tant385 (Tantianna). I ended up getting 3 mini Phrags from Woodstream: Phrag Lynn Evans Goldner x Bullseye Phrag Pink Panther Phrag Spot On x Pink Panther IMG_2775 by cponsolle, on...
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    Paph wardii 'Royale' HCC/AOC