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    Pinocchio Paph

    Yes it is normal and you are obviously doing a good job!
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    Suggest about Phrag. Schroederae

    Hi, There are some photos at phragweb. I hope this link might help. Marley
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    North Jersey Orchid Society Show?

    Hi Hien, The NJOS had an auction earlier this summer at the Arboretum but what I'm asking about is a show sponsored by the NJOS at the Arboretum this weekend. That's the way it's posted on the Arboretum's website calendar. I called the Arboretum but no one answered the phone. Anybody have...
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    North Jersey Orchid Society Show?

    Hi, Anybody have any info about it? I saw it listed on the Frelinghuysen Arboretum calendar of events for this weekend but there is no mention of it anywhere else, including the orchid society's own website! I figure that's a bad sign. Can anybody tell me definitely if it's on or...
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    Phrag Olaf Gruss v. Flavum

    and a third, if I did it right! Marley
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    GNYOS - who's going?

    Hi, Is the show going to be in the same venue as usual, under a tent over the ice skating rink? If so, putting that tent up in this rainy, windy weather will be a show in itself. Marley
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    Lowes' find

    Your Lowe's is certainly a lot better than mine! Golden Elf is a great plant. It doesn't need any particular cold treatment. I keep mine right along side all my other orchids, outdoors in summer, indoors in winter, with as much sun as possible. It blooms twice a year, mid summer and autumn...
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    Phrag. Olaf Gruss

    Heather, The cross is besseae x pearcei, I'm being helpful this morning...:) Marley
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    Phrag list update. (trying again)

    Hi NYEric, That's a great list, hope they do well and bloom soon so you can post pictures. Would you mind telling me where you got the cross of Magdalene Rose x Barbara LeAnn? Pink phrags. are my current favorite and that one sounds especially nice. Thanks, Marley
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    The sound of silence- a contest for lurkers!

    Hi Heather, Better late than never! I've also been called "last minute Annie" Kidding's OK in my book, growing up I was always told "we only kid the ones we like" M
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    The sound of silence- a contest for lurkers!

    Hi, I'm Marley, I've lurked a lot and learned a lot so I guess it's time to say hello. I started growing orchids in 1997 with a NoID Dendrobium which I still have and best yet, it faithfully flowers for me every autumn. In 1998 I bought my first Paph. (Paph. Spellbound) and am proud to say...