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  1. Justin

    Paph. malipoense

  2. Justin

    Phragmipedium Kovachii is open!!

    I have a couple Kovachii that should be showing buds soon, just in case you have any extra pollen to share...
  3. Justin

    New Catt list Sunset Valley

    It was an impressive list. Definitely recommemd folks join his email distro.
  4. Justin

    New roth plant!

    Wow, huge spike and imposing bloom! What is the width of the dorsal in centimeters? Nice color. I like the downswept petals, but my only critique is how narrow they are. However, if this is its first bloom the petal segments will likely get a little wider next time. Overall it is a keeper...
  5. Justin

    Reluctant and Moody Tranlieanum

    beautiful jungle!
  6. Justin

    Some seedling progress

    Great growing
  7. Justin

    Some Paphs

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. The sukhakulii are both 13 cm NS. . The lowii, I just grow them like my other Paphs. They are just in Orchiata mix w/ sponge rock and charcoal. I suspect this clone is 4n which is why it is so vigorous.
  8. Justin

    Flask of Wenshanense aureum

    Killer blooms!
  9. Justin

    New roth plant!

    I am really looking forward to seeing this roth open! I have a couple of the same cross, but mine haven't flowered yet.
  10. Justin

    Some Paphs

    Thanks Rick. I went with the darker pouch for the pod parent. The pictures don't really do the plants justice. They are really striking in person.
  11. Justin

    Some Paphs

    Just sharing some pics from recently and over the past year. I have a pretty nice bloom season coming up with some great roths in spike, so should have some updates in another month or so! rothschildianum 'Red Baron' x 'Chester HIlls' Paph lowii - monster plant I have grown for about 15+...
  12. Justin

    rothschildianum Hybrids

    I was thinking the same thing about the PEOY. Still a nice little show...
  13. Justin

    rothschildianum Hybrids