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    Coelogyne odoardi

    I have one coming from China, will deliver from orchid show in Santa Barbara Orchid Show in mid March, contact ; [email protected]
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    Chamorchis alpina

    Is that the flower to the left of the match stick?
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    Any masdavallia orchid growers out there (USA)

    Note of caution: if you can not keep them cool you will kill them, speak from experience, have send quite a few to orchid heaven
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    Any masdavallia orchid growers out there (USA)

    CHECK OUT Andy's orchids, deals in species, I've never have been disappointed with a purchase from them, large, healthy, robust plants
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    Disa uniflora

    I recently, 3-4 months ago purchased my first Disa, a uniflora, appears to be thriving, two new growths, anxiously awaitng blooms. My question is a supplier in the states, Seatle Orchids had a few.
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    Bulbophyllum ambrosia.

    All my Bulbophyllums go out side after the danger of frost has past and brought inwhen frost is eminent , I think that takes care of need for seasonal temperatures. In the winter they all go to live in the basement under artificial lights, LED fullspectrum. I do cute back a tad on watering...
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    New Addiction

    What are these beauties? I would add the yellow and red one to my collection.
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    New member

    Greetings, I've been collecting orchids for about 3 1/2 years, neophyte, started with a gift of a Phal. noid from the grocery store, wonder how often that happens, has grown to around 450 orchids at present, 2 Tolumnias are scheduled for delivery this afternoon, have 35-40 Paph. and Phargs so...