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  1. J

    Alba appletonianum

    Try Paph paradise. I think he has some listed.
  2. J

    Phrag. Albopurpeum wanted

    You may want to try Marilyn and Windy Hill. It isn’t on her site right now but if you email, she will check her stock of divisions/ one offs
  3. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    So far no flexing since it opened.
  4. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    As to color it is slightly lighter than the darker picture. Really a great deep raspberry. It is the darkest of any of the Fritz’s I have.
  5. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Thanks all. I don’t know the parents, I picked it up from Popow mid 2019.
  6. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Haven’t been posting much recently but thought this one was worth sharing.
  7. J

    Phragmipedium Hanne Popow

    Chuck just posted a remake of these. New flasks available early next year.
  8. J

    A little help from my friends

    I have been looking at it in comparison to my division of Cinnamon Fire (also in bloom now). The pouch is a bit too round and closed. The color has been pretty consistent even on last year’s blooming.
  9. J

    A little help from my friends

    I actually think I picked up here. Possibly as part of one of the auctions. I am not upset just trying to figure out what it is.
  10. J

    A little help from my friends

    Hi All, Hoping to draw on the collective knowledge of the group. I have a plant blooming out and trying to confirm if it’s label is correct. Labeled as a Fox Valley Fireball. It is very pale as you can see from the pictures. What do you guys think? I like the bloom and just wanted to see...
  11. J

    Global Virtual Orchid Show April 4, 2020

    Twitter is jumping too. Lots of great pictures up there. This was a great idea.
  12. J

    Need help/odd phrag spots turning transparent

    I had very similar damage on a large besseae a couple of years ago. I never did discover if it was an infection but the plant fully recovered. There we some theories that it was an over hydration issue.
  13. J

    Phrag pollen

    How many buds does it have? I have a besseae in spike now, flowers won’t be open for another 1-2 weeks. Happy to send you some if the timing lines up.
  14. J

    Phragmipedium Purple Wave

    That is spectacular.
  15. J

    Phrag. Wossner Dirndl 'Garnet Hope' x kovachii 'Plum Brother'

    This one is one of mine from earlier this year.