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  1. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. aureum

    Congrats, to grow from flask and finally flower this beauty. It's really cute and nice and I like it very much.
  2. GuRu

    Paph curtisii 'Dark Vader '

    Just for understanding Leslie, that means Rick couldn't get this plant judged as P. cutisii but judged as P. superbiens or P. ciliolare? That's crystal clear but I think/thought KEW is always up to date and therefore the actual status?
  3. GuRu

    Paph curtisii 'Dark Vader '

    Leslie, on one hand I understand your statement and would agree completely, that P. curtisii and P. superbiens in their pure forms are different flowers. I, as a layman would understand better, if P. curtisii would be synonym to P. ciliolare o vice versa. But Stephen is on his sites in...
  4. GuRu

    Paph. x hermannii

    Peer, no need to change the headline ex post. It's more important that we've clarified its status.
  5. GuRu

    Paph curtisii 'Dark Vader '

    Paphman, that's an interesting point and made me start a KEW search. As you know we agreed on KEW as the source of our plant names in another thread some weeks ago. The result is extraordinary and will make the confusion complete. Maybe some may moan now and say....no not this issue again?? KEW...
  6. GuRu

    Paph. x hermannii

    Nice and typical P. herrmannii If we agreed on KEW in another thread as the basic of names of plants we should use it also here. According to KEW it's an accepted species and should be named Paphiopedilum herrmannii
  7. GuRu

    Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz & helenae

    Nice! Both
  8. GuRu

    Paph rothschildianum 'Sam's Best' x 'Rex'

    In my eyes it's a very good one even if it has small deficits and therefore you are not completely satisfied. With its drooping petals it looks to me like a proud eagle.
  9. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum coccineum Blooms

    O.K. Leslie, so I will delete this link The Plant List from my favourites. 😭
  10. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum Doll's Kobold

    Jens, as you know there are several/many things which can make someone's day.......and this was one of these. 😇
  11. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum coccineum Blooms

    Sorry to hear this sad story because it was a very good one. Damn stupid that this happened.
  12. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum coccineum Blooms

    Leslie, it isn't that easy, nothing is clear. You must read the thread from the beginning and furthermore follow the links. I'm sure after you have done this you will see the problem. Lol
  13. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum coccineum Blooms

    O.K. no problem Phred, maybe you're right. Just btw, after it's discovery it was descibed as P. coccineum in 2000. Few years later moved to P. barbigerum var. coccineum and P. barbigerum var. lockianum and from the beginnings there has been a struggle between taxonomists who see it as a true...
  14. GuRu

    Getting ready for Laura tropical storm impact in Havana!!!!!

    As far as I know hurrican LAURA will affect the whole island of Cuba and I hope and wish that it won't cause too much damage on it, especially won't injure people or take lives. Good luck !
  15. GuRu

    Paph. Fanaticum and friend

    Your P. Fanaticum has been sober all the time! Otherwise I couldn't explain its extraordinary beauty. It's an eye catcher.