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hi Jpaph
I am in trying to gather a group of slippertalk members who are willing to help.
Phred highly recommended you. Please see this thread
I hope you can lend a helping hand.
Either way that you will decide , thanks for considering
I would be glad to grow a flask out. My address is 1851 Burkholder Cir E Jacksonville, Fl 32216. Just let me know how you want me to pay shipping cost. Thanks, J
Since I will cover all the reflasking fees, I will only provide him a list of names & addresses so he could contact the growers directly when the seedlings grow big enough and ready for deflask. At that point everyone just pay him the shipping cost directly (which I don't think it will be a large amount)
Hi Paul,

Please check your email. We need some more info re: Your current order.

Thanks much, Tom
I’ll help anyway I can BrucherT. There is a water cart available on line made by Dramm.
Just google Framm Water Cart and I think it will come up.
Hi saw your post have you, had a look at Elite Orchids you specialise in Slipper Orchids in the Uk. Also check out the British Paphiopedilum Society we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have some great speackers, and have some great talks coming up through zoom.
If you do want a piece of the hinksianum, I took a couple-growth division off last April which is now about to bloom. Shipping weather is a bit of a way off, but I can put your name in the pot and we can work out a trade at your leisure.
Tennis, I can't remember if I responded to this offer. What's the status now?
Hello. I have now seen two pictures of beautiful phrases you grow and they are impressive. Do you sell any of your orchids? Thank you
Pete: How is your virus testing going? I running about 25% so far but things should improve as I've tested the sick looking plants first. I've got two excellent articles that Terry found. One on viruses and one on disinfecting. I'm using the disinfecting method. Let me now if you would like them. I'll email them.
Hello! I just read some of your comments on cattleyas and I have a question about mine. It is supposed to be jenmanii coerulea and I read that it should have strong fragrance. Mine however opened on the 12th and still can't smell anything. I usually have very good sense of smell I can smell the rest of the orchids that I have in bloom now. But when it comes to cattleyas - no. See next message.
Just wait a few more days
The fragrance changes throughout day, strongest in mid morning and late afternoon. Try then. If not, wait this next blooming. By all accounts, the traits of the flower shape and plant shape, it looks like a jenmanii.
Looks like C. jenmanii to me, it has a very pastel colour....mine is fragrant.
have you figured out where to get in on that coccineum album/albescens form? If you do, and there is an opportunity for more than one, count me in please... ;-)
Yes Fibre has it lol
so then i suppose we're on to the next obvious questions.... for Mr fibre ....

where, how, and how much for what you have available?

Rich, write a PM for more information please.
On a long shot. Do you still have your plant of Phal. Arctic Threshold 'Pineridge Whitethunder'? tks, Lester Poole
Eric, I'm sending you two empty bottles of DB. Heaven knows when it will
reach you. Anyway, if you only have a limited supply, keep one bottle for
yourself and send me one. Will 20.00 cover your postage?
if there ever comes an opportunity (obviously well in the future) for a piece of that variegated tigrinum, please keep me in mind.
Sorry just saw this... yes sure Rich.
Hi, I just tried sending you a PM. But looks like you might have this feature set to not receive messages from other member?
It’s under your account —> privacy.
So you would need to click on your icon / picture then select the privacy settings. Scroll down and find the ‘Allow Users to’ .. multiple pull down settings. And change the ‘Start conversations with you’ to your preference. I have it set to members only.
Ok, I had just set it to “people I follow” and followed you, so it should be fine now. Since I only follow 3 people, should I set that to Members Only. I thought everyone was a member.
haha. thanks!. I actually have no experience with the following settings. but probably should add some people..
Hi Leslie, I had some questions about albas. If you have the time do you mind answering a few questions over PM or email? Thanks!

Yes sure. Please PM me by starting a conversation ....
Hm. For some reason it says I can’t start one with you