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Jun 9, 2006
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Oak Island NC
As an experiment, this last Tuesday I hosted a test session with 5 participants. It was offered on the Facebook Semi-Hydroponic Orchid Growing page, so that was the primary topic, but certainly not the only one.

In addition to a few newer growers, there were a couple of longer-term ones, including a gentleman from New Zealand and one of the "curators" of the AOS collection in Florida. Subjects included S/H culture, nutrition, feeding and watering, sources of supplies, how'd you get started growing and a few others - questions very broad to some of very narrow scope The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and was well reviewed by all. At the very least, it offered an opportunity to put some faces on the names you've seen online.

So... This coming Tuesday, 9 Feb @ 11:00 am EST, I will hold another such session. I am billing it as a general Q & A session, so anyone (up to 10 people) with an interest in discussing orchid stuff is invited to join.

Signup through the "Free Services" menu item at firstrays.com, or just click THIS LINK.

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